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Depending on the needs of your charter, you'll meet the following Marquis Charters Crew
on Ciamar.

Crew Services by Marquis Charters

Our Marquis Crew are available for Captain and/or crewing services on your vessel.  Whether it be a luxury crewed charter, running your boat for family trips, an Alaska delivery or simply a dock to dock move, we have the licenses, resumes and trained teammates available to help out.

Meet the Owners

Marquis Charter's owners are a lifelong boating family with yachting experience that ranges back to the "BC" years ('before Catherine').  After chartering for a couple of decades in the Virgin Islands, and owning a motor yacht there, they found their 65 Marquis in Sausalito.  They bought the company that owned her, renamed her "Ciamar" with a full-on Poseidon ceremony, and formed Marquis Charters.

After nearly two year's of upgrades and waiting for Covid restrictions to relax, Ciamar departed for Alaska in April 2022.  She picked up and a 10 boat flotilla and played mother-ship for the group led by the wonderful folks at the Waggoner Guide.  Ciamar spent the entire season in Alaska on their owner's 'working sabbatical' (enabled by Ciamar's Starlink dish).  After visiting so many spectacular places like the Misty Fjords and Glacier Bay, Ciamar had to turn sounth after Skagway and started her meandering return to San Francisco.

(You can read their Alaska trip blog here.)

Ciamar returned to the San Francisco Bay in October 2022 to a warm welcome in her new home on Alameda.

Want to Crew a Luxury Yacht?

Is service is your thing, and you love it?  Being on the water is your zen place? 

Gig work fits your schedule?

We're looking for experienced luxury crew and

we also love training up new crewmembers who have a passion for it.

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