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Surfing at N 51° 39’ ! And other reasons to visit Pruth Bay

This time, I got to go ashore and visit the Hakai Institute property at Pruth Bay, and walk across the island to the beach side, together with Patty and Quinn (aka Shore Leave).

The facilities of the Institute are off limits to visitors, but you can take the trail across the property to the beach. I was sort of shocked to see it. If I didn’t know any better, and if the water had been warmer, I would have guessed we were setting foot on an Oregon or Norcal beach.

Quinn had been there before, so he knew there was a surfboard there. He was prepared to give it a go. Unfortunately, we arrived to the beach on an ebbing tide, so the waves were puny. But, he gave us a show anyway. Surfing at N 51° 39’ !!

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