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Special Events, Days & Celestial Moments

To help you plan your luxury crewed, private yacht experience, we've complied the calendar of events below that summarizes civic and religious holidays, days of observance, sporting events, boat parades and celestial events in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Remainder of 2023

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Civic Holidays

Nov 10 [Fri]     Veterans Day (substitute)

Nov 11 [Sat]      Veterans Day

Nov 23 [Thu]    Thanksgiving Day

Nov 24 [Fri]      Day After Thanksgiving

Dec 25 [Mon]    Christmas Day

Religious Days

Christian    Dec 3 [Sun]   First Sunday of Advent

                     Dec 8 [Fri]    Feast of the Immaculate Conception

                     Dec 12 [Tue]  Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Jewish          Dec 8 [Fri]     Chanukah/Hanukkah (first day)

                      Dec 15 [Fri]    Last Day of Chanukah

                      Dec 22 [Fri]    Asarah B'Tevet

Hindu           Nov 12 [Sun]   Diwali/Deepavali

Muslim         none

Orthodox     none

Celestial Events

Nov 27 [Mon]     Full Moon

Dec 26 [Tue]      Full Moon

Boat Parades

Nov 10 [Fri]     NVYC Boat Parade

Dec 1 [Fri]       Vallejo Lighted Boat Parade

Dec 2 [Sat]      Oakland Lighted Boat Parade

                         Stockton Lighted Boat Parade

Dec 9 [Sat]      Discovery Bay Boat Parade

                         Lighted Boat Festival (SF waterfront)

                         Petaluma Lighted Boat Parade

                         Winterfest Sausalito

Dec 15 [Fri]      Lighted Holiday Boat Parade

                          San Mateo Lighted Boat Parade

Dec 16 [Sat]     Benecia Lighted Boat Parad

                          Napa Valley Yacht Club

                          San Rafeal Lighted Boat Parade

Observed Days

Nov 7 [Tue]     Election Day

Nov 10 [Fri]    Marine Corps Birthday

Nov 24 [Fri]    Black Friday

                        Native American Heritage Day

Nov 27 [Mon]  Cyber Monday

Nov 28 [Tue]   Giving Tuesday

Dec 6 [Wed]    St Nicholas Day

Dec 7 [Thu]     Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Dec 13 [Wed]   National Guard Birthday

Dec 15 [Fri]      Bill of Rights Day

Dec 17 [Sun]    Pan American Aviation Day

                         Wright Brothers Day

Dec 24 [Sun]   Christmas Eve

Dec 26 [Tue]   Kwanzaa (first day)

Dec 31 [Sun]   New Year's Eve

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