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San Juan Island -- It was very, very hard to leave here

Earlier in the trip, I had taken to joking with Incognito owners Robb and Kim that I was going to find them on our way home and use their dock/mooring. But now that were actually heading south, Quinn and I were delighted to actually be invited to come stay at their place on San Juan Island.

They have a couple of moorings located right off their dock, but fortunately the dock was open enough for us to tie up Ciamar when we arrived. We were supposed to be there one night. But it was so much fun that we quickly accepted the offer to stay two nights.

We had drinks at Friday Harbour, dinner at the Howard compound, lunch at Roche Harbor, took in the flag lowering ceremony at the resort and visited one man’s monument built for he/his family. We even got to pick up and drop traps and of course, search for another missing trap.

It was a whirlwind of a weekend and we can’t say thank you enough to the Howards for having us. And somewhere along the way, Robb agreed to join the ‘crew’ for the Ciamar delivery back home. So I would see him again in Anacortes.

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