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Elfin Cove, where your depth sounder better be working

Careful timing and a bow watch was needed to pick our way into (and out of) Elfin Cove at high tide with just 18" of water beneath our props at the shallow point. Fortunately, inside the channel at the docks, there's plenty of depth to stay afloat accross the entire tide cycle.

I loved this place. We had dinner at the best and only bar/restaurant in the village and walked the boardwalks the next morning to take in the sights before our noon-time departure that was dictated to us by the tide.

Most people visit Elfin Cove on a fishing trip, taking advantage of one of the many lodges based there.

Note: We went to the inner harbour where all the local boats hang out. There is a more outside public dock that, I think, has more depth on its approach.

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