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Connectivy sucks on the water, and in the marinas

If you're wondering why the long delay with no updates, its 7 parts lack of connectivity and 3 parts scenic distraction.

On Ciamar, we have a 5G/4G long range antenna, two dual band long range wifi systems, a portable 5G hotspot gizmo and two 5G phones doing mobile hotspot with international high speed roaming. All of that is then merged and stitched together into one higher speed "_Ciamar_ " wifi SSID network by a clever router from Peplink.

When there was cell service, up through lower BC, we had really good connectivity given the circumstances. But the marina wifi, everywhere, is where I got totally suprised. I did not plan on being able to do anyting heavy during the day, such as photo/video uploads or zoom calls. But I had planned on being able to use marina wifi frequently for early morning and evening work calls and overnight blog/uploads. That was a total bust. I ended up entirely off grid for several days at a time, with only a still sketchy Iridium phone link to work with.

The wifi connectivity at marinas is, with very rare exception, inferior to our weak cell phone connections. I'm going to pay more attention from here on to where there is usable wifi and make note of it. But, my real solution, I hope, is my new Starlink RV kit. They just started selling mobile kits a few weeks ago, and i was able to get one. We shall see if Ciamar, sporting a Starlink uplink, provides better internet speeds when we are tied up to a marina than the marina wifi affords. I'm curious what I'll find.

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