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Whale tales on the cruise to Thorne Bay

The run south to Thorne Bay was, again, calm and easy. On our way, just as we approached Snow Passage inside Bushy Island, we got an awesome whale show as two whales were fixated on one spot and repeatedly went 'tail up' in more rapid succession than normal. And, they even spent 30 seconds or so, over and over again, pointed straght down with a 1/3 of their body and tail sticking straight up in the air and constantly slapping the water so they could stay in that position. It was awesome. So awesome, that nobody thought to pull out a camera and take a picture. We just watched and enjoyed.

The rest of the run was a wide open, calm, grey day of motoring. That is, right up till when we started through the cut that leads into the bay. We had planned on arriving there at slack tide but our timing was a bit off and we got pushed around a bit when we crossed through the narrow entrance. Just a 1.5 knot current generated enough eddies that we needed to throttle up a bit and do some aggressive streering to keep Ciamar on straight course. Fortunately, its really deep in the middle of the channel. But on the flip side, its very very narrow. You don't want to get pushed outside of that channel. It could be, in boating vernacular, 'a bad day.'

We walked about the small, spread out village and rushed over to the local restaurant for dinner. A small market was more than ample for our needs, and the community park was thoroughly enjoyed by Cat's dog Roxy.

We timed our departure the next morning at high tide slack and the exit was much less dramatic than our entrance. On our way out, however, we got to watch two float planes lift off and climb out just a hundred yards off our port side. That was so cool that nobody thought to take a picture.

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