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Sullivan Bay floating home enclave with a 1 Hole Golf Course?

After another pre-dawn, fogged-in departure, we had a nice (long) cruise to Port McNeil, interrupted only by a couple hours of getting tossed around by a 2m beam swell north of Cape Caution. However, as soon as we turned down and sailed south of the Cape, we enjoyed flat water the rest of the way. After picking up our friends, Mark and Danielle in Port McNeil, and topping up our fuel at Canadian prices (not desired), we departed the next morning for Sullivan Bay.

I had heard of this place and was glad that we had not had to use up any weather days, so we could start adding new stops to our itinerary and we made it further south.

This is a community of floating homes. Mostly seasonally occupied, but I think there are some year round residents too (not entire sure of that). There are also some very long linear guest docks to welcome cruisers for a night or two. There is frequently a community dinner, but book early, as part of your dock booking, as the dinner space is limited. After visiting the store, we walked the docks taking in the sights of the various types of floating homes, and, generally hung out for a lazy evening on the dock.

Perhaps the highlight of our wondering was the 1 hole golf course. The picture of Quinn, Mark and I was taken just after Quinn beat us on a round of closest to the pin. It must be noted that this was the very first time Quinn held and swung a golf club. His second and third balls were nothing to write home about, but, his very first shot came far closer to the flag than any of Mark and my six other tries. Later on, Quinn got put in his place when the only fish he caught attacked him.

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