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Skagway or Skaguay?

We were advised that the trip up Lynn Canal can be a wind-wave / steep chop experience that tests one's commitment to visit Skagway and Haines. However, we were blessed with sunny, calm weather and flat seas all the way up.

The local / Tlinket spelling of the city is Skaguay, and we say that spelling on many establishments. But, the world knows the town as Skagway.

We arrived to the small boat harbour through a blind pair of breakwaters that are so tall that you can't see what's coming even from our high-up fly bridge. So, we issued Securite calls for our entry, the first time ever that I have needed to transmit that message. Simply put, you announce that you are about the enter the harbour and say which VHF channels that you are monitoring in case anyone is coming out at the same time and wishes to coordinate.

Mark booked us train ride tickets on the White Pass railroad and we joined a crowd of folks from multiple cruiseships for the multi-hour loop up and across the Canadian boarder and back again. I loved this place, and we decided to spend an extra night there to allow for extra wondering around. One of the four Skagway police officers was strolling the dock and we struck up a conversation. We were pointed to the Station for dinner, with directions to go to the Happy Ending Bar and keep going past the Morning Wood Hotel to find the restaurant. He wasn't kidding, that's exactly how to find the place.

We also learned that on the evening of our extra day that the town was putting on its Solstice party at the park. So we walked the length of the town and had enjoyed food and beverages at the party/concert in the park. Officer Skagway had said he would be there, and if we wanted a ride back he'd be happy to give us one. So when it was time to leave, we took him up on his offer. He mock arrested me, and took us all back to the harbour in the chief's unit, because it was a bit bigger than his.

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