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Shearwater Tip -- Confirm they spell the name right when you book

We left Butedale and steamed to Shearwater for the night before running down to Pruth Bay to setup for the southbound Cape Caution crossing.

These are long trips, and I was so tired when we got to Shearwater that I forgot to take any pictures. We did like the convenience of the marina, chandlery, store, shops and great restaurant. We used them all.

Shearwater docks were full and they turned away more yachts that day than were able to tie up. I am very glad we made an advance booking. One tip that became clear as we approached -- make sure when you make the booking that they spell the name of your boat correctly when they write it down. We had a few anxious minutes waiting until the dock figured out that we did indeed have a booking, but the name was garbled on their sheet.

Having a boat named 'Ciamar', we run into this all the time.

Onward to Pruth Bay to get ready for the Cape Caution crossing.

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