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Rudyerd Bay & Punchbowl were anything but a "nothing-burger"

On our approach into the mouth of Rudyerd Bay, it was was still earlier in the day and we had haze and a lifting fog which gave the first impression that this was going to be a Nothing Burger -- a lot of driving to see nothing.

But after we got tied up on the sole mooring in the Punchbowl, and I stopped being distracted by the fact that my Starlink was working to give us massive internet speed at such a remote location, I stopped and looked around. The fog had lifted and we were starting to get some sun.

Wow. Just Wow.

We were alone here, as I am told you often are. Surrounded by spectacular scenery.

Later in the day, after I further consulted the charts and guides, I realized there was so much more to see further inside Rudyerd Bay. We all jumped into the RIB and went for a 20 knot over glass ride up the channel and to the left arm. Much to our surprise, we passed by three anchored pocket cruise ships on the way up. Each ship had discouraged their passengers for excursion trips further up to look for bears, take in the waterfalls and maybe do some fishing.

Aside from hopping the wakes of the cruise ship RIBs, and the wind chill of running at 20 knots, I marked this place down as somewhere that I would love to come back to visit with more available time. And I would definitely seek anchorage as far up inside as I could go, despite how spectacular the Punchbowl is. Perhaps one night and day pushed way up inside, followed by pre-departure night at the Punchbowl is the right formula.

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