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Prideaux Haven - Missed the party ... by 'that much'

Prideaux Haven was a return stop we had to make, despite all the warnings about how crowded it would be this late in the season. And, on our way there, we also found out that we were going to arrive the day before the return of the ‘dinghy concert’ party. We seriously considered staying for the party, but, decided to get out early given the prospect of being trapped inside Prideaux Haven and not being able to leave until a path cleared a day or so later.

I hopped into the RIB about 5 miles out and ran ahead to scope out the anchorage and shore tie situation. Fortunately, a larger boat had just left and there was one shore tie available. After contacting Ciamar, she sped up to be sure to arrive prior to a group of inbound yachts we could see in the distance.

We were there quite early in the day, and a lot of sun bathing and some swimming was had by all. We also made a run in the RIB over to Refuge Cove to do some Waggoner Guide chores. (see next post). On consulting the tides and wind predictions, and considering we had a very long run the next day, we all put in early after a great dinner for a mid-night departure.

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