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Ocean Falls -- Ghost town with an ice cream shop and B&B

This place once was thriving, but suffered an total collapse when its industry became obsolete. It feels like a ghost town. But, there's a relatively new ferry dock that is serviced by BC ferries every two weeks, and its supposed to become a nice vacation retreat destination during the summer. After wandering around the deserted town, and speculating where the bitcoin mining operation that's there is located, we sumbled upon a hotel / ice cream shop. Even though we were frigid cold and soaked from the biting rain, we felt we had to stop and buy some ice cream cones. Quinn also impressed us, and the proprietor by speaking with her in her native spanish. It was then back to the dock to discover that someone really cared that none of the 50Amp power outlets were working. Two engineers from the local hydro dam spent several hours rewiring the brand new power pedestals so that the high power outlets worked for our fancy yachts. Apparently, we were the first flotilla to arrive this season and land on the new docks.

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