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Morgan's Landing is now Fisherman's Landing, with awesome docks

Fisherman’s Landing, formerly known as Morgan’s Landing, is passed just as you approach Dent Island. I had heard the story that the new owner once arrived to Dent and was unable to get moorage, and got so upset that he bought Morgan’s Landing and redeveloped it. Now, I have no idea if that’s true or not. But, on hearing that folk lore, I wanted to stop by and visit it.

The docks are gleaming, sturdy, wide, nearly brand new with all the power on the dock you could image. In the early afternoon, it was also empty. So, I’m told it’s a great option if you don’t want to pay Dent prices or you can’t get a spot at Dent.

We were there at the afternoon tide window and we got to see a lineup of many, many yachts steaming toward Dent and then waiting in line for their turn to dock. It made me glad that we came in on the morning tide window, but it also made me appreciate and experience how much wake roll the inbound yachts subject upon the Fisherman’s Landing docks. Fortunately, its only for very short time windows.

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