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Live like a Nordstrom at Dent Island Lodge

Dent Island Lodge is a wonderful, boutique island resort like none other that I saw on this trip. Formerly the Nordstrom family getaway, it is still owned and used by the family but run as a resort. We were lucky to squeeze in a night on their dock, and had to adjust our arrival and departure dates to get a space.

It was well worth it, even if it was a painfully expensive stop.

In the morning, at max flow, we took the jet boat excursion into the rapids and to see the wildlife that comes out at max flow. Later, we all had dinner at the restaurant, and then the ‘guys’ went back up for some hot tub time. We followed the hot tub with a late night at the bar, topping up our resort bill to new heights.

I would love to do it all again. And, spend several days there taking in some of the side trips that are available nearby.

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