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Landed in Prince Rupert after our first / only bought with fog

We had our first fog in the morning on our way up to Prince Rupert. Fortunately, visibility slowly lifted through the morning and we were in clear skys for most of the trip up from Lowe Inlet. The route up is sort of the Interstate 5 of the inside passage for every type of vessel, so we expect a lot of traffic. But, nothing more than a few other ships were seen on the trip.

When we arrived at Prince Rupert, most of us were able to tie up on the inside of the new marina (Cow Bay Marina), but Ciamar and the other large yachts had to tie onto the outside of the ‘breakwater’ dock and it was quite some rock n roll when some boats went by without observing the no wake zone.

Several members of the group gathered up for dinner at a marina-front restaurant, but I decided to take advantage of the reasonable wifi and 4G and relax on board and organize some pictures.

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