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Ketchikan Is Worth a Second Visit

To spend some more quality time exploring Ketchikan, and to rest up for the long run into Behm Canal, we spent three nights at Doyon’s Landing.

Doyon’s is a very nice place to land, and, they take reservations. But it is a small dock, especially when filled up with multiple 100ft yachts.

I shared an earlier, realtime post about the weather we had. But I wanted to come back and share some more of what we did, walking around in the horizontal rain in town.

Right after we arrived, there was a weather window and

we managed a fast trip to town on the RIB with Roxy in tow, before returning for dinner on Ciamar. But the next day, with the deteriorated weather, we chose to walk to town.

Our Engineer, who goes by the nickname Shore Leave, went out and partied with some of the other yachties on the first night and he told us the walk to town was easy. So we bundled up and walked to town. It was easy. On the way, we poked our head into a veterinary office we saw. To our delight, we found they had a shop too and we were able to buy a proper ‘fouly’ for Roxy.

We strolled around the Creek Street district, taking in any store that was open, including the awesome Parnassus book store. We also bought a humungous amount of Ray Troll branded coffee at his shop on the creek -- we were out, and needed to restock.

This stop was the day that Patty and Catherine thanked me to sourcing proper Alaska rain and XtraTuf boots for them.

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