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Hey! A fishing lodge popped up in that cove! Hakai Lodge.

On our way into Pruth Bay, we took the Maey Inlet and laid eyes for the first time on the Hakai Lodge. It was not there just yet early in season on our way north.

After anchoring in Pruth Bay, in front of the Hakai Institute, we took the RIB for a quick trip back to the Hakai Lodge to look around. We arrived at what seemed to be turnover time, with a little ‘airshow’ of float planes dropping off and picking up guests.

After the hussle dies down, we were greated by very friendly staff and we inquired about dinner. Fortunately, they had a few spots open, so we came back for dinner We got to sit with some of the lodge guests for dinner. It’s a very loud experience as the conversations, and fish stories, bounce off of the hard walls. But is was clear that everyone there was seeming to have a great time.

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