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Haines had more to it than meets the eye

We were already planning to stop in Haines, but decided to do two nights there after hearing good reports from another of the flotilla boats that was returning from their visit. It was a short hop over to Haines from Skagway mid-morning and we squeezed into our spot right next to the breakwater.

We were in town as the same time as a couple of the smaller 'pocket sized' cruise ships visited, but nothing was too crowded. We found lunch and later visited and lingered at the Distilleray tasting various hand made concoctions. That was a fun afternoon.

I didn't notice it at first, but there was a large 'Grid' in the harbour that unmasked itself at low tide. I'm sure i've seen these structures before, but I've never known what they were called or what they were for. You float your boat onto the Grid at hight tide and secure it. When the tide goes out, then you can work on the bottom of the boat as needed, for as long as the tide is out. No lifting/hoist needed. After seeing this Grid, I started noticing grids almost everwhere we went.

We didn't make it to the Cannery, which we were told is the last working Cannery in the region. Nor did we have time to rent a car and go driving around to access the lake or more distant spots. Haines and Skagway both have access by road, so, you can actually drive to them from the lower 48 if you want.

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