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Dishy has arrived on scene

Just as I was whining about no data service in the remote reaches of BC and Alaska, STARLINK announced their RV kit option for RVs and small boats. I was able to get one shipped to our 'fixed location' address and Quinn brought it with him when he flew up to Junuea to join Ciamar as our engineer.

Now, I knew from research that the service would not work as far north as Juneau, but I tried it anyway. Of course, it didn't work. Only an odd, lonely Starlink dish flys anywhere near Junuea every few days or so. You need to be able to see the strings of active Starlink birds to create and maintain a connection. In this case, that's about 57 degrees north lattitude. Or, about 10 miles north of Petersburg Alaska. So, we packed the kit away and waited until we arrived in Petersburg.

We set up the dish temporarily on the radar arch and viola, about 30mbs of downstream peak bandwidth. Windows updates, map updates, weather updates, OneDrive and Google Drive synching and moving watching are all up and running on Ciamar, every time we anchor or dock. We need to unplug the dish when we move, as service underway is not 'supported' by STARLINK in the RV kit. And, before I try to use it underway and risk my account being blocked, I need to do some internet research to see what others report as functionality of the RV kit when moving.

We're back in Ketchikan now, and I've finally gotten my act together to organize shots and posts for all the places that we've been since my last Cannery Cove post. So stay tuned, there's a bunch of backlogged posts coming in the next 24 hours.

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