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Brisket feast at Port McNeill

After a short run from Echo Bay we tied up at North Island Marina to get ready for our Cape Caution crossing the next day. This is clearly the largest town we've been to on the trip, nor will we see again in the next week . However, it was a holiday in Canada so many of the establishments we hoped to see such as the new brewery were closed. However, Mark was able to store two dozen custom made scones from a bakery in Port Hardy courtesy of a road trip in the loner van provided by the Marina. At dinner we were greeted with a great talk from a former Glacier Bay captain and feasted on a fantastic layout of brisket provided by the Marina. It was then early to bed for our 4am wakeup call to prep for our 430am weather check and GO decision and our 530am departure. As you can see in the weather map, we are scooting across the open ahead of a blow that will arrive tomorrow. If we waited to leave Port McNeill, we likely would be stuck there for a weather day tomorrow.

North Island Marina at Port McNeill, (c) North Island Marina

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