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Front Row Seat to Spectacular Start of 2024

After dinner ashore, our final trip of the year brought us out onto the bay for a crystal clear San Francisco city lights cruise that was one of the clearest nights we'd seen all year. And then there were the fireworks too!

There is a very strict safety distance that is maintained around the fireworks barge but most boats and none of the large capacity dinner cruises come anywhere close to the barge. But, we believe if you can't feel the concussion of the shells launching and smell the smoke, you aren't really there! Are you?

Locating ourselves upwind of the barge keeps the smoke blowing away from us (pro tip? be upwind so that you don't have the hot shells landing on you.)

While the pictures and videos can't begin to do justice to the experience, we thought we'd share a taste of NYE, in front of the lights of San Francisco, beside the barge and under an umbrella of fireworks that seemed to last forever.

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2024! If you're a 'planner', the 2024 December NYE fireworks trip for December 2024 is now available. We can only do that trip once a year, so first to book it gets it.

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