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Lady Smith, or Ladysmith? Gotta visit here to find out.

Up and out of Prideaux Haven at mid-night for the 12 hour run to Ladysmith. I wish I had pictures of our departure. We made use of spots, our LED headlight, night scope, charts and radar to pick our way around the boats, anchor lines and anchor marker bouys to find the exit. And still, I overshot the exit. It was not foggy, but it was really dark. At least i didn't hit anything.

We crawled through some fog throughout the night, but then daylight cleared things up and we had an unremarkable cruise to Ladysmith. Given that we had five people aboard, we also had a very easy watch schedule.

Upon arrival, and after an hour or so sorting out how to keep the dock power from tripping off, we headed up to town to look around. Mark and Quinn and I grabbed a golf cart ride, but Patty chose to walk. There is a shortcut that we found on our way back.

A fantastic Maya Norte dinner and drinks was had by all.

If you want to answer the headlined question, you need to visit the town and find out.

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